Are the taxes for your business stressing you out? Are you tired of missing out on tax deductions and credits, dealing with confusing tax forms, and paying unnecessary penalties with money that you could be using to grow your business?

If so, Efros Financial can help. We deliver real results for hundreds of businesses and we can help yours as well!

Our team of top-notch U.S.-based bookkeepers and CPAs will get your books and taxes done right the first time while you focus on building your empire. Take the stress out of dealing with the numbers and book a free 15-minute phone consultation today. You’ll speak with an actual CPA – not a salesperson, and there’s no obligation.

No Stress. Just Taxes Done Right.

100% CPA-Licensed Tax Pros
Our top-notch tax preparation team serves businesses remotely in all 50 states.
No Long-Term Contracts
Monthly plans allow for maximum flexibility as your business grows.
Bookkeeping Services Built-In
Experienced in-house bookkeepers can prepare your financial statements.
Phone Support
Premium U.S.-based phone support is included for all clients.

We provide the local CPA firm experience – wherever you are.

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Who We Serve

Real Estate

We serve investors, real estate agents, brokers, and property managers.

Small Business

We help business owners manage cash flow, plan for growth, assess risk, and keep their books and taxes in order.


We have helped actors, models, agents, directors, writers and publishers increase profitability and decrease tax liability.


We offer bookkeeping and tax preparation services for healthcare organizations.


We help online entrepreneurs and influencers maximize their deductions and reduce their taxes.


Our professionals are trusted by teachers and educational institutions for their tax preparation needs.


We serve retailers of apparel, footwear, furniture, jewelry, technology, food, beverage, and more.


We help developers of hardware, software, apps, media, electronics, and more.

Businesses that outsource their bookkeeping save an average of 72%

as compared to hiring in-house.

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Areas Of Specialization

Individuals (Form 1040)

Partnerships (Form 1065)

General Partnerships (GPs – Form 1065)

Limited Partnerships (LPs – Form 1065)

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs – Form 1065)

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Single-Member LLCs (SMLLCs – Schedule C)

Multi-Member LLCs (MMLLCs – Form 1065)

S-Corporations (Form 1120S)

C-Corporations (Form 1120)

Trusts (Form 1041)

Estates (Form 1041)

Final Forms 1040 (for decedents)

Our clients report that they save 3 to 10 hours a month by

outsourcing their bookkeeping to us.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Overall Rating
5.0 56 reviews

Each year we save our clients thousands of dollars by identifying

missed tax deductions and credits.

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“We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses get ahead with their finances and we can help yours as well. We’ll handle the books and taxes so you can focus on building your empire."

– Alexander Efros, MBA, EA, CPA, CFP®, Founder

Businesses with tax-ready books get their tax returns

filed 56% faster.

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QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisors Are Here To Help

We are QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisors serving clients 100% remotely in all 50 states! Whether your business is small or large, new or established, we’ve got you covered.

Our team recently identified a tax matter which helped a client

avoid a $10,000 IRS penalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide tax preparation services in-person or remotely?

Our tax preparation services are provided 100% remotely which allows us to serve clients in all 50 states. In addition, our tax preparation services include phone and email support by our highly-rated customer service team — we’re happy to help!

Can you clean up my messy books?

Absolutely! We can use your financial records (ex. bank statements, credit card statements, receipts, etc.) to generate financial statements which may then be used to file any outstanding income tax returns. This process will also allow us to identify any potential deductions and credits which may significantly reduce your tax liability.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. Our bookkeeping and tax preparation services are provided with no long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

Do you also provide bookkeeping services?

Yes! We are glad to help with bookkeeping services for individuals, businesses, and estates/trusts. We prepare financial statements in-house for self-employed individuals (Schedule C), owners of rental properties (Schedule E), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), partnerships, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations.

What if I have multiple years of catch-up bookkeeping and unfiled tax returns?

No problem! We specialize in cleaning up bookkeeping records and would be glad to help you get caught up and current with your bookkeeping and income tax filings. During the initial consultation, we will assess the extent of the work necessary to get you caught up and provide free quotes for catch-up work as well as for ongoing bookkeeping and income tax preparation services.

Questions? Schedule a FREE phone consultation with us below!