Actionable advice to keep your business

moving in the right direction.

Is your business performing up to your expectations? Are you meeting your goals? Do you have goals in place? If not, we can help.

As business consultants, we provide outside perspectives which can help to reveal answers hiding in plain sight. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get a “pulse” on your business and get it running to its full potential.

However, as with anything in business, it starts with the numbers — do you know yours? Ask yourself the following:

– Which of your product/service lines is most profitable?

– What is your return on investment for every dollar spent on marketing?

– Should you increase your prices?

– Are you spending more paying contractors than it would cost to hire one or more full-time employees?

– How have your costs changed in relation to your revenue over the past 3 years?

– Are your low-profit customers consuming the bulk of your time and resources?

– Are you taking full advantage of the tax laws to maximize your deductions?

– Are you utilizing time-saving technologies to optimize your overall accounting process?

If these are questions that you’ve been asking yourself recently, then give us a call at (323) 531-3500. We can analyze your current financial information (spreadsheets welcome) and help to identify areas for improvement which can drive real growth for your business.

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